About us

At Water and Wines, we believe that learning about wine should be like savouring a perfectly aged vintage - it's a journey of discovery that unveils layers of complexity and beauty with every step. This is why we've created a collection of sommelier-made, artist-illustrated puzzles that take you on an adventure through the world of wine and spirits. Each puzzle is rigorously researched, sustainably made, and expertly crafted, so you can play, learn, and create unforgettable moments with loved ones.

We want to be your one-stop-shop for wanderlust-filled adventures and memorable experiences that'll bring you closer to the ones you cherish or add mindfulness to your solo time. Our products are not just a puzzle; they're magical journeys waiting to happen. Imagine cozying up with your besties for a lasagna dinner night and bonding over a wine puzzle of Italy, or feeling recharged and inspired after putting together the sunny coast of California during your wind-down time. These moments are what we live for, and we can't wait to share them with you.

Join us on this journey and discover the joy from the world of wine and spirits like never before.

"We want to share our passion for oenology through fun and creative puzzles that will transport you to the heart of wine country and sparkle joy in your life. We invite you to join our magical adventures into the world of wine and spirits, and create memorable moments filled with peace and love."

-Yamit Viitaoja, Founder

How it all started

Yamit and Mathilde are the dynamic duo behind Water and Wines, united by their love for wine and puzzles. Yamit, a sommelier with an unwavering passion for wine, wanted to create a way to learn about wine that didn't feel like homework. That's when she teamed up with her friend Mathilde, a master of maps and puzzle lover, to create a playful experience that would encapsulate the essence of the world of wine and spirits. Together, they set out to create a series of wine puzzle that would each be an adventure to savour.

Where we are today

Today we're a tight-knit squad of 7 passionate individuals hailling from 5 different corners of the world. We may be small, but we're bursting with big dreams of bringing exciting adventures to your doorstep through the lens of wine puzzles.

Join us on this journey to discover the joy and magic of the world of wine and spirits like never before!